Our new Director of Photography

Mr. Dennis Tanner has just been appointed CWC's Director of Photography.  Dennis' first official statement is to claim that he is NOT responsible for a number of the 'less-than-professional' photographs present on this site.  His dissatistfaction is limited to only the products' setting, lighting and positioning.  Unfortunately, most pieces shown (and photographed by others) are already distributed far and wide, and are not available for re-shooting.  However, as Director, Mr. Tanner assures that these 'issues' will not be recurring any time soon.

Mr. Tanner is a stock broker by trade; and is keeping his day job.  He brings to CWC over 40 years of photography and dark room experience.  Dennis has made occasional grumblings that his current wage is $7.25 an hour below the current Pennsylvania minimum wage scale, but he has graciously agreed to soldier on for the glory of Custom Wood Concepts.  We look forward to enjoying his work for years to come.