Another Customer Shouts Out!

Seems that my most vocal customers have paws!  They feel compelled to write AND send in pictures showing just how happy they are with their Custom Wood Concepts gift!  Kai-Lan felt the need to not only show me how he uses his new "piece," but to also stand very proudly next to it.  I'm told he stands guard there most of the day to ensure that none of his buddies get any ideas on "whose bowl is whose?"

Desks in my DNA!

My grandfather started a company in 1924 in New York City - Uneeda Office Furniture Company.  Uneeda bought run-down desks, refurnished them to "just like new!" and sold them.  I worked at Uneeda during college breaks....desks are in my blood!  My dream has always been to one day make one of my own.  We never know if our dreams will ever come true...  Mine did in early June, 2015....Abe would be impressed!

Spring Colors popping out in Furniture!

With the final advent of Spring - thought it was time to infuse some pieces with all the colors of the season!  Worked purples, oranges, reds, "zebras?," browns and tans into a fun display of nature's palette - presented here as a TV Stand.


Experimenting with Exotic Woods

Spent part of the winter exploring the use of exotic woods ... found an interesting South American wood tucked away in the vast Hearne Hardwoods (Oxford, PA) warehouse - Lacewood.    Thought this wood, when combined with Wenge, another exotic from Africa, had a very "masculine look."  This gender-of-wood approach inspired a more masculine design of a standard serving tray.

Transforming an Etagere into a Book case

How an étagère can be re-imaged into a book case: take the same design concept, select a variety of woods, stagger the shelves a bit and voila! – a new (but slightly used) concept! 

Craftspeople are known to “borrow” a concept from others and put their own imprint on.  So, why not “borrow” from myself?!?!

See the new category on the DESIGNS page – Book cases


Start with this:


and transform it to this:

Yet Another Satisfied Customer...

Custom Wood Concepts is proud to announce that, to date, we have more than satisfied the exacting demands of some of our most discerning customers.....A picture of our most recent happy client, Ande Acosta, tells it all!

Santa's Workshop closes...back to business!

Immediately after Thanksgiving, my relatives seem to think that I work as Chief Elf at the North Pole.  After finishing a holiday rush of lazy susans, cheeseboards and dog bowls....

022.JPG's back to CWC work.  Currently taking the basic design of my etagere (featured on the DESIGNS page), and creating a unique bookcase.  Having fun mixing and matching colorful woods - paduak (orange), purple heart,  and some darker hues (wenge and walnut) with a staggered shelf design. 

Our new Director of Photography

Mr. Dennis Tanner has just been appointed CWC's Director of Photography.  Dennis' first official statement is to claim that he is NOT responsible for a number of the 'less-than-professional' photographs present on this site.  His dissatistfaction is limited to only the products' setting, lighting and positioning.  Unfortunately, most pieces shown (and photographed by others) are already distributed far and wide, and are not available for re-shooting.  However, as Director, Mr. Tanner assures that these 'issues' will not be recurring any time soon.

Mr. Tanner is a stock broker by trade; and is keeping his day job.  He brings to CWC over 40 years of photography and dark room experience.  Dennis has made occasional grumblings that his current wage is $7.25 an hour below the current Pennsylvania minimum wage scale, but he has graciously agreed to soldier on for the glory of Custom Wood Concepts.  We look forward to enjoying his work for years to come.

NextFab and the Startup Scene in Philly

NextFab is one of the  "makerspaces" and "innovation labs" that have popped up around Philly in the last few years.  This is also where I get the actual woodworking done for Custom Wood Concepts.   Popular Mechanics produced a video of the Startup scene in Philadelphia that features NextFab.  See if you can see me (I’m in there twice)…gotta pay attention.  Hint: one of the two times is just my arms and hands!