A 40+ year journey

Memorial Junior High shop class - early 1970s.  The first woodworking calling.  Discovered how to turn a 'borrowed' bowling pin from the local lanes into a uniquely shaped lamp base.  It just needed the caressing of a few chisels while the lathe spun.  Being college-bound, never saw the inside of a wood shop, until...


University of the Arts Continuing Education program - early 2000s. This now-corporate dad gets the second calling.  Excused from parenting for a few hours each week - made it back to the shop (and now paying for supplies.)  However, our kids' expanding sports teams' schedules conspire to keep these plans on ice.


Philadelphia - 2010s.  College graduations are a memory, careers have matured, wedding anniversaries are adding up, and the artisanal scene has hit Philly.  


The chance to express my passion for wooden crafts by making, rather than admiring, is now!  Time to finally live the woodcrafter's dream…to produce beautiful handcrafted pieces of functional art.


                                                                           Steve Greenberg